Accelerate Your Sales Process & Close More Deals

This program was designed to warm up your prospects and leads before speaking with you to accelerate your sales cycle, position you as an expert, and articulate your value proposition.

Create Desire • Develop Intrigue • Close More Deals



Accelerate Your Sales Cycle, Be Positioned as an Expert, & Close More Deals

Hear from OutFlow’s CEO Matt Currie

  • Warm up and qualify your prospects before speaking to them! We craft a series of compelling & professional assets, videos, and emails that position you as an expert authority, warm up your leads, and help accelerate your sales cycle.

Before a prospect ever speaks to you, think about what happens.

They might visit your website, check out some articles about you online, and maybe have preconceived notions about what you do and how the M&A space works.

Rather than leaving it up to chance, we put you in control of warming up those leads, pre-qualifying them and having your prospects understand your value proposition.

This is done by our team creating a pre-call warm funnel and system that prospects go through before speaking to you.

Our team goes to work and creates a:

  • Dedicated brand-designed landing page that’s riddled with case studies & testimonials
  • A persuasive, well structured 2-5 minute overview video about your firm
  • Email reminder series before the call that showcases your brand & credibility
  • Beautifully Brand-Designed Landing Page that Positions you as an Expert-Authority
  • 2-5 Minute Video Describing Your Value Proposition & Sales Thesis
  • Lead Warm Up Email Series that Show-Cases Your Expertise Before a Call
  • Video Testimonial Generation Process to Collect World-Class Testimonials From Clients