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Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Deal Origination Machine

Hear from Outflow’s CEO Matt Currie

  • LinkedIn contains 800+ million business professionals with over 56% of their users utilizing the platform on a monthly basis.
  • This is a huge opportunity for M&A professionals to turn LinkedIn into both a networking and origination machine.
  • Outflow created a 3 step system that leverages LinkedIn’s big data platform to find your ideal prospects, make professional contact and secure opportunities and appointments, 100% done-for-you.
  • ACCESS: Our team gets access to your LinkedIn profile, in a compliant and secure manner
  • DATA: We then upgrade you to a private database that LinkedIn has called “Sales Navigator” - this is an extra $60-80/month (billed from LinkedIn)
  • TARGETING: In sales navigator, we leverage LinkedIn’s 800 Million+ user database to develop a focused list of your ideal prospects which you get to see and own
  • MESSAGING: We craft personal & professional messages that intrigue prospects to want to have a conversation with you
  • PROCESS: Those who are interested in having a conversation, we secure those meetings and appointments for you on your calendar, and we’ll follow up with those who do not respond
  • RESULTS: Have your LinkedIn generating leads and opportunities every single month Generate deal opportunities on a consistent, predictable basis directly on your calendar and your inbox
  • We promise you a minimum of 15 appointments over 90 days, with your ideal prospects.
  • If we do not attain the target in 90 days, we will work with you for free for up to 2 months additionally, or until we secure the 15 appointments in full.

Case Studies

What They’re Saying

Andy Mehta | Bristol Group

4 Deals in 1 Year

Bristol Group is a national reputable brokerage firm that has been testing and utilizing many marketing methods over the years, but couldn’t seem to gain consistent traction with any system, without having to invest rigorous time, labor and resources.

Outflow created a state-based campaign with strategic focus on industries the client had transactional experience in alongside newer markets the client was trying to create a footprint in.

Four sub-campaigns were created to target umbrella industries and ensure the messaging resonated with the audience.

A steady stream of appointments and responses were secured; and 4 successful deals were closed from the outreach within a 1 year period.

OutFlow is now also assisting Bristol Group with their buy side initiatives to help monetize their listings.

Matt Bodnar | Bodnar Investment Group

171 Appointments in 4 Months

Bodnar Investment Group is a renowned Family Office focusing on middle market acquisitions and investments.

Being involved in multiple projects with little time to allocate to deal sourcing and wanting to limit the involvement of intermediaries, their marketing efforts proved finding good data was challenging and qualifying prospects was also difficult.

Matt decided to outsource his efforts to Outflow to assist him with data, outreach, and the qualification process for his roll up initiatives via a private equity joint venture.

Outflow created large databases from a multitude of sources focusing on digital marketing agencies.

Headcount and revenues were meticulously filtered to ensure the target criteria was being met. Additional filters in the script and booking system were added.

A curated appointment setup system was also deployed to help manage Matt’s time – Outflow fully took responsibility for managing responses and converting them into appointments if they met the criteria.

171 appointments over 130 days with a 100% conversion rate from response to appointment. Matt was able to concentrate on high-priority acquisition targets.

Outflow now manages all queries and appointments for Matt to ensure his time is best spent on business development.

John Grady | Focus Bankers

$35MM Food & Beverage Deal

Focus Investment banking is a leading middle market investment bank which assists buyers and sellers of businesses through a highly specialized and industry-centered approach.

Focus wanted a reliable, consistent and scalable method of finding and engaging business owners to sustain their pipeline. They hired Outflow to manage specific sector-based outreach and pipeline management.

Outflow was able to create highly-targeted campaigns with sector-centric data and messaging that resonated with the specific audience.

3 different outreach methods were tested through OutFlow’s process to identify which pulled in the most quantity and quality of deal flow.

OutFlow’s system proved to outperform their internal homegrown systems and other external providers, resulting in a $35MM engagement signed from their Food and Beverage campaign, while also looking to double up their efforts with OutFlow.