Find, Originate, & Close Your Next Deal Using the Power of LinkedIn

Leverage the #1 B2B Social Media Platform & Access 800+ Million Business Professionals to Originate Your Next Deal.

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Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Deal Origination Machine

Hear from Outflow’s CEO Matt Currie

  • LinkedIn contains 800+ million business professionals with over 56% of their users utilizing the platform on a monthly basis.
  • This is a huge opportunity for M&A professionals to turn LinkedIn into both a networking and origination machine.
  • Outflow created a 3 step system that leverages LinkedIn’s big data platform to find your ideal prospects, make professional contact and secure opportunities and appointments, 100% done-for-you.
  • ACCESS: Our team gets access to your LinkedIn profile, in a compliant and secure manner
  • DATA: We then upgrade you to a private database that LinkedIn has called “Sales Navigator” - this is an extra $60-80/month (billed from LinkedIn)
  • TARGETING: In sales navigator, we leverage LinkedIn’s 800 Million+ user database to develop a focused list of your ideal prospects which you get to see and own
  • MESSAGING: We craft personal & professional messages that intrigue prospects to want to have a conversation with you
  • PROCESS: Those who are interested in having a conversation, we secure those meetings and appointments for you on your calendar, and we’ll follow up with those who do not respond
  • RESULTS: Have your LinkedIn generating leads and opportunities every single month Generate deal opportunities on a consistent, predictable basis directly on your calendar and your inbox
  • We promise you a minimum of 15 appointments over 90 days, with your ideal prospects.
  • If we do not attain the target in 90 days, we will work with you for free for up to 2 months additionally, or until we secure the 15 appointments in full.

Case Studies

What They’re Saying

Hal Feder | Murphy Business Brokers

Biggest Year Ever in Deal Transactions

Hal was looking for new ways to find more deal opportunities. The traditional mailers, postcards, cold calling, and even door-to-door sales weren’t making the cut.

Hal heard about OutFlow from his colleagues within the Murphy group and the success they were having, so he decided to executive a pilot program campaign.

Hal is an expert in automotive M&A transactions and special construction trades.

OutFlow built 2 hyper-targeted campaigns that focused on Hal’s strengths within the M&A space along with sales resources to help Hal improve his sales process, closing timeline, and overall sales systems.

Hal had a record year, closing the most transactions he’s ever had while finishing #10 in Murphy Business National Ranking (out of 200 Brokers).

Now that OutFlow has helped Hal on getting more consistency and volume of deal flow, Hal is now focused on sourcing larger transactions.

Ron Ainsworth | Boustead Securities


Boustead Securities has deep seeded connections, experience and a stellar track record in the capital markets.

However, with a limited number of only 5-10 referrals coming in every quarter, Ron knew he needed to expedite his deal flow to hit his target transaction volume, so he turned to OutFlow.

OutFlow developed a broad-targeted outreach campaign to identify which prospects would respond best to Boustead’s offerings and solutions for their sell-side advisory services.

5 specific markets took deep interest and we’re filling up time to speak with Ron (15-20+ appointments monthly).

Within 90 days, Boustead Securities transacted their first $20MM deal from OutFlow’s deal origination system. 7 months in, Boustead has secured 4 deals and 3 more in the pipeline.

Chris Shipferling | Global Wired Advisors

$40MM Deal Signed

Global Wired Advisors is a professional team of seasoned Investment Bankers that specialize in Digital Enterprise, E-commerce, and SaaS M&A transactions.

When COVID hit, their referrals sources dried up, PR campaigns weren’t hitting “pay dirt”, while events and trade shows completely shut down.

Despite being skeptical and seasoned marketers themselves, they decided to give a 90-day shot at OutFlow’s deal origination system.

Because of Global Wired Advisors great online presence and positioning, OutFlow took immediate action and leveraged that momentum to get in front of a LASER-TARGETED audience to stir up some serious sell-side demand for their team.

Consistently, and predictably GWA is putting 20-30 new appointments on the board every month while closing off 2020 with a $40MM signed deal with an established online weapons e-commerce shop.

Moving into 2021, Global Wired Advisors has set new goals with OutFlow to book them on Podcasts, secure strategic partnerships and continue to source new sell-side deal opportunities.