Find, Originate, & Close Your Next Deal Using Outbound Marketing

This Program is Designed to Help M&A Professionals

Create a Scalable and Predictable Method to Source New Deal Opportunities

Find • Originate • Close


Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Deal Origination Machine

Hear from OutFlow’s CEO Matt Currie

this program is design to help M & A professionals create a predicable deal origination machine in their firm,  by generating more:

  • Volumen of  deal flow
  • Consistency of new opportunities
  • Getting you in front of the RIGHT prospects.

No more waiting on deal opportunities from referrals eliminate teh inconsistens ebbs flows of deal flow, and get  direct access to exclusive off-market opportunitiesthat fit your ideal prospect profile.

  • TARGETING: We understand your ideal prospect and develop and exclusive database every month for you that we can reach out and make contact to
  • MESSAGING: We craft personal & professional messages that intrigue prospects to want to have a conversation with you
  • PROCESS: Those who are interested in having a conversation, we secure those meetings and appointments for you on your calendar, and we’ll follow up with those who do not respond
  • RESULTS: Generate deal opportunities on a consistent, predictable basis directly on your calendar and your inbox
  • We promise you a minimum of 24 deal opportunities in 3 months with your ideal prospects.
  • If we do not attain the target in 90 days, we will work with you for free for up to 2 months additionally, or until we secure the 15 appointments in full.